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I love that this is the one and only post on my dad’s facebook timeline.

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New Batgirl bestest friends for ever

for NYCC 2014


table Artist Alley K4

Add to your set of bestest buddies that hate but love each other. The other other red robins.

Asker spacemutants Asks:
So Hank, what's the deal with Pluto right now? Is it a planet or not?
heywhatsthatoverthere heywhatsthatoverthere Said:


Pluto is not a planet. The IAU (in my book) gets to decide what the definition of a planet is because there has to be a definition and they are by far the most qualified body to define it. 

Pluto does not meet that definition, and thus should not be considered a planet. I agree with their definition, but even if I didn’t I would submit to it because I am not an expert. 

Recently, three people sat in a room and argued about whether pluto was a planet. The audience then voted…and they voted that Pluto was a planet. That, of course, means nothing. If you want random groups of people to define scientific terms…it’s going to be hard to get any actual science done. 


this conversation changed me

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This is the moment. This is when television changed for me.

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New Batgirl art by Godfrey Escota

<3 heart this one <3

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Sire Mix-a-Lot

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Never trust a link that tells you how you’re going to react to it.